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Holocaust Remembrance Day - Concert



Holocaust Remembrance Day - Concert

Fondazione Merz

Via Limone 24, Torino, Italy

January 28, 2018 | 12noon

On the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day the Fondazione Merz proposes the complete performance of the music piece “Quatuor pour la fin du temps” by Olivier Messiaen, which the French musician composed at Görlitz prison camp and has been included in the work “Abismo” (2017) by Carlos Garaicoa.

The piece will be performed during a musical matinée. Guests will be welcomed at 11.00 with a welcome coffee, followed by the presentation of the catalogue dedicated to the work of Carlos Garaicoa, published Hopefulmonster, with the artist and the exhibition curator Claudia Gioia. At the end, in the space hosting “Abismo” work, the concert will take place.

Thanks to Pianoforti Piatino