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Kader Attia - The Museum of Emotion

- Akt 4: Natur / Act 4: Nature MIMESIS AS CONTROL (Mimesis als Kontrolle), 2013, vitrine, taxidermied animal (cheetah), mask, objects, 213 x 180 x 67 cm. Ph Ela Bialkowska

From 13 February to 6 May 2019, Hayward Gallery presents the first major survey in the United Kingdom of one of today's leading international artists: Kader Attia.

The Museum of Emotion highlights several strands of Kader Attia's thought-provoking and influential art from the past two decades. Offering a trenchant post-colonial perspective,  Attia's work often pushes the boundaries of traditional museum presentation whilst it raises questions about the hegemony of Western cultural models. Spanning a wide range of media, the works in this exhibition inventively explore the ways in which colonialism continues to shape how Western societies represent and engage with non-Western cultures. 
Ralph Rugoff, Director, Hayward Gallery said: ​​“Kader Attia is one of the most interesting and cogent artists practising today. Attia expands the boundaries of what it means to be an artist working today by acting as a savvy historian, an archaeologist, an anthropologist, ethnologist and sociopolitical commentator. Exploring timely subjects such as migration, gender, border politics and the lingering legacies of Western colonialism, Attia is making an invaluable contribution at a time when many societies are increasing polarised. Moving and challenging, his art illuminates the possibilities of a new idea of repair.” 
Kader Attia: ​The Museum of Emotion​ is curated by Ralph Rugoff, Director of Hayward Gallery, with Assistant Curator Sophie Oxenbridge.

Kader Attia - The Museum of Emotion