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Galleria Continua
San Gimignano
Les Moulins
Sao Paulo

An island is defined by its isolation but also by its openness to influences, strangers and other cultures. 

On an island, insulated culture exists in a constant dichotomy with the exchange and interchange of people and cultures that the island’s ports encourage. The sea is a source of beauty, pleasure and even life, but it also acts as a border and an obstacle. Yoan Capote presents seascapes that reveal thousands of fishhooks, representative of an industry, a profession and a food source, but that symbolize the island’s reliance on the sea and its literally restrictive connection to the water and to the island itself. 

Capote’s work is haunted by his goal to reshape common experiences by condensing or distilling them into meaningful portions of reality that are physically navigable and enter into a corporal dialogue with the viewer. Grinding his teeth as he slept as a symptom of stress led to the artist’s investigation into the habit as a symptom of modern life. Stress (desplazados) 2019 teases gravity and tempts collapse; the teeth act as friction between the agent of support and the descending weight that end up being symbolic of modern life and fulfilling Capote’s objective to mutate common experiences into a physical object. Autorretrato (estudio de resistencia) 2019 symbolizes the physiological experience that a body withstands in response to constant internal and external stimuli. Bones are anonymous yet personal and the work becomes a self-portrait of the artist and of the viewer. The body, in combination with multi-sensorial experiences that require viewer participation to activate the work, is common in Capote’s practice. Speechless - series 2019 with its incomplete faces, devoid of eyes, forces us to interact with the anonymous while participating in an active and intimate yet violating action. Capote is expressing his desire to examine behaviors that are both personal and collective, drawing on their mundanity to force a questioning of our daily actions. 

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Press Release