Galleria Continua
San Gimignano
Les Moulins


An exclusive point of view on the work and the life of contemporary artist Sabrina Mezzaqui. Production: Piier


GALLERIA CONTINUA / San Gimignano 02/05/2015 - 05/09/2015

SERSE 'L'esperienza del paesaggio'


02/05/2015 - 05/09/2015

Destroyed Pascale Martine Tayou "Make Up!" by DPR Militants in Donetsk

On June 22, 2015 IZOLYATSIA team received confirmation that the representatives of the "DPR" blew up the installation by Pascale Marthine Tayou, created by the artist during the project Where is the Time in 2012. The work represented a giant lipstick crowning a factory smokestack. Installation Make Up! was dedicated to the women of Donbass and noted their role in the reconstruction of post-war Donetsk. On June 9, 2014 the mercenaries of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” seized the territory of the former plant of insulation materials, on which IZOLYATSIA foundation was based in Donetsk. Since then, the pro-Russian occupants use the territory and the premises of the foundation as a base for militants training, a prison, an execution place, and a warehouse for stolen cars. Kader Attia 'Ce n'est rien…', Daniel Buren 'Dans les filets, la couleur' and 'Cabane-Lanterne', Leandro Erlich 'Invisible Train' and 'Bank', Moataz Nasr 'Tanoura': all of these works were destroyed during last year by the people who occupied Donetsk and Izolyatsia.

ANISH KAPOOR 'Descension' solo show

GALLERIA CONTINUA / San Gimignano 02/05/2015 - 05/09/2015

ANTONY GORMLEY 'HUMAN' (short vers.)

Forte di Belvedere, Firenze

26 April 2015 – 27 September 2015 

Exhibition promoted by the Comune di Firenze 

Organised by Mus.e 

with the support of Galleria Continua and White Cube 

Artistic Supervision by Sergio Risaliti 

Curated by Arabella Natalini and Sergio Risaliti