Galleria Continua
San Gimignano
Les Moulins

San Gimignano

Mario Cristiani, partner
Lorenzo Fiaschi, director and partner
Maurizio Rigillo, director and partner

San Gimignano, a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Tuscany

Galleria Continua opened in San Gimignano (Italy) in 1990, the result of the initiative of three friends: Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Occupying a former cinema, Galleria Continua established itself and thrived in an entirely unexpected location, away from the big cities and the ultramodern urban centres, in a town - San Gimignano - steeped in history, timeless, magnificent. This choice of location provided scope for the development of new forms of dialogue and symbiosis between unexpected geographies: rural and industrial, local and global, art from the past and the art of today, famous artists and emerging ones. The gallery's presence in an area that is in a certain sense "forgotten" but which has a spirit and significant history of its own, has enabled it to create a reputation as a centre capable of producing exciting and challenging contemporary work where it is least expected, unhampered by the spatial and temporal restrictions of classic contemporary art institutions. Remaining faithful to a spirit of perpetual evolution and committed to interesting as broad a public as possible in contemporary art, in the course of thirty years Galleria Continua has created a strong identity for itself through its ties and experiences. That identity is grounded in two values - generosity and altruism - which lie at the heart of all its dealings with artists, the general public and its development as a whole. Galleria Continua is all about a desire for continuity between ages, the aspiration to having a part in writing the history of the present, a history that is sensitive to contemporary creative practices and which cherishes the link between past and future, and between different and unusual individuals and geographies.

Mario Cristiani, partner
Lorenzo Fiaschi, director and partner
Maurizio Rigillo, director and partner

Silvia Pichini, head of communication

Alice Fontanelli, San Gimignano gallery manager
Verusca Piazzesi, director
Fabrizio Orsi, director
Giulia Contri, vice director
Alessandra Ammirati, director assistant
Rossella Bracali, director assistant
Cecilia Fontanelli, director assistant
Margherita Tinagli, director assistant
Veronica Tronnolone, director assistant
Maria Burlotti, gallery assistant
Alena Magnani, gallery assistant
Valentina Schiano Lo Moriello, Art Fair coordinator
Massimo Billi, graphics
Gianna Dei, accountant
Valentina Mattioli, accountant
Fabrizio Paperini, production
Andrea Ardizzone, head of logistics
Duccio Benvenuti, logistics
Marcello Contrucci, logistics