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San Gimignano
Les Moulins


Drawing a Line through Landscape 2017, Performance, installation, costumes, props, fabric, drawings, videos. Project commissioned by documenta 14 and supported by Piramal Art Foundation, Payal, and Anurag Khanna, Galleria Continua and Chatterjee & Lal. Collaborations Performance interventions in: Sofia by Ivo Ivan, Gorna Lipnitsa by Madhavi Gore and Jana Prepeluh, Budapest by Ivan Angelus and the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Costume Design: Loise Braganza. Set Design: Aradhana Seth. Film: Sophie Winqvist. Song Writer: Gautam Sharma. Music: Ranjit Arapurkal. Driver: Stephen Frick. Documentation: Madhavi Gore. Project Assistant: Shaira Sequeira. Photo Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio

Nikhil Chopra

Drawing a Line through Landscape

26/01/2019 - 07/04/2019

San Gimignano


Drumsolo at the Mill, 2016, 20 hours performance-installation (Galleria Continua / Les Moulins), elements: rock drumset, woven carpet, platform, props, fabrics, accessories, paint brushes, wooden sticks, bottles, glass, buckets, paint, office carpet, Photo Oak Taylor-Smith

Nikhil Chopra

Drumsolo at the Mill

30/04/2017 - 30/09/2017

Les Moulins


Mohamed Namou, 'Eliza'2014, Impressions numériques sur papier photo, rails métalliques, bloc de granit, 500 x 160 cm; Courtesy the artist and Galerie Mor.Charpentier; Exhibition view Sphères 7, GALLERIA CONTINUA, Les Moulins, France, 2014



inside out, 2012, costumes, props, fabric, photo (121,92 x 182,88 cm), slide show, wallpaper, video time lapse 99 hours, site specific performance, GALLERIA CONTINUA San Gimignano, 25 - 29 April 2012, photography by Shivani Gupta, costume design by Sabine Pfisterer. Photo by: Shivani Gupta 

Nikhil Chopra

Inside out

28/04/2012 - 15/09/2012

San Gimignano

Carlos Garaicoa, 'Abstractions (It happened in another place)'1997-2012, Digital print on paper, Dimensions variable (100 x 80 cm each), Courtesy GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano, Beijing, Le Moulin