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Nature and legends, biology and psychedelic states are few of the methods investigated by this exhibition, in which the artist plays different characters: the biologist, the geometer, the lab engineer and the wise man.

To inhabit the world is to divide it, re-order it to understand it better. 

For Carsten Höller, this is not so much a political fact as a mathematical reality. Fascinated by partition principles, the artist, who received his training in the natural sciences, explores how lines cut through surfaces and incessantly yield new captivating shapes. Höller’s rules for the direction of the mind draw on an expanded concept of insight and discovery. His quest for knowledge also relies on a psychedelic epistemology: altered states of mind can enhance our understanding of the world.

Born in Belgium and living between Sweden and Ghana, the artist brings multiple inputs to his analysis, combining perspectives from different field of research.