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Malta Pavilion

59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

Galleria Continua is proud to announce the participation of Arcangelo Sassolino with a new immersive installation at the Malta Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia! 

Commissioned by Arts Council Malta, the pavilion titled ‘Diplomazija Astuta’, will be co-curated by Keith Sciberras (Malta) and Jeffrey Uslip (USA) and will house works by Arcangelo Sassolino (Italy), Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci (Malta) and Brian Schembri (Malta).

‘Diplomazija Astuta’ reimagines Caravaggio’s altarpiece ’The Beheading of St. John the Baptist’ in an immersive, sculptural installation that translates this biblical narrative into the present day, re-situating the inherent themes in Caravaggio’s work in a modern context, encouraging visitors to enter and inhabit a space where the visceral emotions of St. John’s execution are felt in the present day, the injustices of the past are resolved and shared humanist values can be confirmed for the future.