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Carlos Garaicoa

Carlos Garaicoa is a Cuban artist who currently lives and works between Havana and Madrid. Every year, around the time of ARCOmadrid, a fair in the Spanish capital for collectors, galleries, artists and art professionals, Garaicoa opens his studio to many different artists who exhibit their works amongst one another, making the artist’s Madrid studio – he has one in Havana, Cuba too – a meeting place and a melting pot of both emerging and established artistic talent. Since volume 3.0 “This es Not the Medical Center!” in 2009, the open studios have been carried out under a yearly theme – volume 4.0 “I Shot the Sheriff [Héreos y Villanos]” and volume 6.0 “Construir, Deconstruir y Destruir” are just a few examples of the wide ranging chosen themes under which international artists are invited to participate. This year’s edition is a collaborative “bi-personal” exhibition between Carlos Garaicoa and Alejandro Campins, a peek into the power of drawings; what they can represent to us morally, how they can help us in understanding and disentangling what stops us from realizing our destiny, to change the edict of the world we live in. 

Carlos Garaicoa himself is an artist with a background in thermodynamics as well as studies at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana Cuba. He has developed a multidisciplinary practice that approaches issues of culture and politics while incorporating, aesthetically or conceptually, architecture, urbanism and history. He focuses on a dialogue between art and urban space through which he investigates the social structure of our cities in terms of their architecture. Through a wide variety of materials and media, Garaicoa finds ways to criticise modernist Utopian architecture and the collapse of 20th century ideologies. 

Alejandro Campins

Alejandro Campins is a fellow Cuban artist who was born in 1981 in Manzanillo, a place which has seen a whole generation of young Cuban artists begin their careers. He studied at "El Alba" Professional Academy of Fine Arts in Holguin (2000) and the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA) in Havana (2009). He has been invited to participate in this year’s edition of Carlos Garaicoa’s Open Studio, “Dibujos”, alongside Carlos Garaicoa, in order to explore the possibility of drawings in releasing us from not realizing our true and pure influence in the processes of our experience. 

His paintings, drawings and photographs explore the genre of landscape, space and places with a strong emotional charge. In the 2000s he began his career in the experimentation of painting as a genre. Within this, the elaboration and visibility of the creative process was essential and came to be a foundation in his work. Landscape and architecture are essential in his work, they become a kind of typology with which to imagine space and represent what has occupied it, whether they are bunkers like cathedrals, ceremonial war sites or kernels of recent history.

Carlos Garaicoa Open Studio 16.0

Calle Puebla 4, local Bajo Derecha, Madrid 28004 

Inauguration: 10/09/2020 10:00 - 20:00 h 

Until 18/09/2020 

Fri 11- Sat 12: 10:00-20:00 h 

Mon 14 - Fri 18: 14:00- 19:00 h 

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