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opening: Saturday February 22nd 2020 | 6 pm - midnight

Via del Castello 11

San Gimignano (SI), Italy

Until May 10th 2020

‘Whiteout’ is the title of Marta Spagnoli's solo show that the young artist has conceived for her debut at Galleria Continua, and which presents us with a world poised between reality, myth and dream. The exhibition consists of a series of unpublished works resulting from the artist’s exploration as it has developed over the past two years: canvases of various sizes, drawings on paper and mixed techniques on different supports which, through a mythopoeic language, rework fragments of shapes and figures, handing them back to us as sedimented traces of an imaginary that considers the places and symbols of our history.

‘Whiteout’ describes a meteorological condition that is typical of the Arctic circle; it is the ultimate expression of the disorientation and change of perspective that nature imposes. It occurs when dense clouds cover the sun creating diffused light; snow and fog are so thick that they blur out any edges, making all morphology or spatiotemporal points of reference disappear. In the work of Marta Spagnoli, this “disorientation” translates into timelessness and suspension. “Each image is a map reconstructed according to mental signposts, where the white flow is anything but immutable, as if below it something was continuously taking place,” explains the artist.

For Marta Spagnoli drawing is a daily practice: “I like to start horizontally, almost always and often moving the surface, placing and washing away colour without having total control of the limits in setting out the image... my work is based on the act of marking as first natural action and it is essential for the re-elaboration of reality according to a personal rewriting “.

Photographic documentation, scientific illustrations and representations of ancient, classic and contemporary poetic traditions are the visual information that the artist uses to explore the potential of structures, relationships and meanings. Her main fields of interest are organic forms (animals and plants) and man in his mythical dimension.