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Por siempre una y otra vez (Forever again and again)


Daniel Buren, Yoan Capote, Raúl Cordero, Michel Pérez Pollo, Angel R. Ricardo Ríos, Arcangelo Sassolino, Serse, José Antonio Suárez Londoño

FOREVER AGAIN AND AGAIN brings together a group of artists who have a common feature: the work of each of them is conceived around an obsession, a tireless search towards one direction. They are artists obsessed with an idea, a concern. Many others can be derived from it, but the former will always lead the way. 

Art history is filled with obsessed artists. For centuries their common practice was to insist on certain themes, repeat exercises, the infinite desire to return to the same thing over and over again, whether by the canons of the time or by the necessity of finding technical and formal solutions. However, through contemporary art, an infinite universe of reflection and experimentation is now open. Thus, the idea of art as a spectacle that demands a continuous renewal paved its way thanks to a context that’s constantly craving new sensations and realities. Thereby, it is indeed less frequent than it used to be for an artist to pursue one sole idea. 

The exhibition in the former cinema Águila de Oro stages a dialogue between the obsessions of four Cuban artists and four international artists. On the one hand, the Cuban artists: Yoan Capote (Pinar del Río, 1977), Raúl Cordero (Havana, 1971), Michel Pérez Pollo (Manzanillo, 1981) and Ángel R. Ricardo Ríos (Holguín, 1965), and on the other hand: Daniel Buren (Paris, 1938), Arcangelo Sassolino (Vicenza, 1967), Serse (San Polo di Piave, 1952) and José Antonio Suárez Londoño (Medellín, 1955).